Treatments I Offer

If you have any questions about what the right treatment for you is then please do contact me, I am always happy to talk through what is ailing you and give advice. I am also able to work with pregnant clients provided you are past your 1st Trimester.
Physiotherapy Assessment & Treatment

An assessment involves a chat where I get more information about your condition and then a physical examination to identify the cause of the problem. My approach to treatment is very hands on, manual therapy involves massage, joint mobilisations, fascial release, PNF stretching and dynamic joint releases. You will be given homework to ensure you continue to improve between sessions and maintain improvements once you have achieved your goals. A course of treatment is usually required to get lasting results.

Remedial Deep Tissue/ Sports Massage

This type of massage uses deep pressure, effective stretches, advanced techniques to get into areas of muscular tension, trigger points and held muscular patterns. With sports massage it is also a great way to maintain and optimize your body for training and recovery from injury or heavy training sessions.

Relaxing/Holistic/ Energy Balancing Massage

Deeply relaxing, slower and softer massage with rebalancing energy work. Pulsing movements, scalp massage and releasing stretches will leave you feeling better inside and out. This type of treatment can be combined with deep tissue/ remedial massage also for total rejuvenation.

Core restore (R) and Mummy MOT (R)

NB: I will be offering the core restore (R) program on a 1:1 basis very soon, I hope to have this up and running sometime in January 2018. Mummy MOT(R) is now up and running and available to book. More details will be added to the website very soon but please feel free to contact me for more information in the meantime!!

Clinic Locations

I mainly practice from Holistic Health Hackney which is a lovely integrated health clinic on Broadway Market. There is availability most weekdays and Saturdays.
Holistic Health Hackney
Holistic Health Hackney
64 Broadway Market, Hackney, E8 4QJ
Availability for appointments most weekdays 10am-6pm and also on Saturdays between 10am-4pm. Please call 020 7275 8434 for bookings, pricing and enquiries. I can offer later or earlier appointments on weekdays if you call a few days before to arrange it.
The Ludgate Clinic
The Ludgate Clinic
101 Fleet Street London, EC4Y 1DE
Appointments are available on Mondays between 11am-3pm. Please call the clinic for bookings, pricing and enquiries.
COMING SOON! Canine Massage
COMING SOON! Canine Massage
Hackney area and East London .. coming soon
I am presently in the final stages of my training in canine massage. I hope to be offering this treatment by the end of the year. It is a great way to help your furry friend with aches and pains from musculoskeletal problems, aging and high intensity activity. If you are interested please contact me by email for more information.

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